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Innovating your Gin taste is our mission

Welcome to TS SPIRITS  Gin Club ! We have many goals and many dreams for the future of TS SPIRITS . This first recipe aimed to bring you a new flavor of Gin: a Universal Gin.



Fabio and Eugenio are two entrepreneurial founders of TS Spirts , Electra Gin and now since 2023 of the new CAPJARI GIN line. They are leaders in the Gin industry because they are uniquely positioned as brand ambassadors and managers for new sustainable technologies for “Energy Savings” in the industrial sectors that started to lovingly study the craft of distillation techniques. They decided to use the same rigorous knowledge base from their former careers to bring to life, a new and better Gin product through a long and passionate story of innovation.

Their journey led them to the city of Casale Monferrato, where they found the perfect partner in the Luparia family of distillers, the famous founders of the 1918 renowned Magnoberta Distillery. Together their combined tradition and technique of distillation with Fabios and Eugenio thirty years of experience in innovation and technologies, gave birth to the one and only Electra Gin Limited Edition.

This universal Gin achieves its uniqueness not only through combining the past tradition of distillation and infusing it with the techniques of the present, but crafting it with the focus for the future. It gives rise to a new innovative spirit that excels in use for any occasion.

Electra Gin was a 10-years journey in research, study and experimentation with hundreds of recipes and varied Italian and foreign botanicals.

So 2021, after a year of tweaking and refinement, the first batch of Electra Gin was produced and marketed as Limited Edition 2022 . Then in 2023 the brand was changed in CAPJARI and from 1 recipe were born two different CAPJARI Gin . The original recipe is a unique blend of 11 Italian and foreign botanicals.

To achieve this high standard they choose a road less traveled. They stayed away from a London Dry process that is rooted only in the “transition” of one pot and not vested in technology or science of the blend. From tradition to science and craft they looked minutely at each component and measured precisely, defining a more organized process of distillation to achieve the highest quality of Gin.

They use cold infusions (precisely 10 ) and multiple distillations individually controlled (2 steam distillations, in copper stills at low pressure and discontinuous cycle ) .

Each process and each interaction between the botanicals is controlled with the greatest possible precision unlike most Gins. The craft and control of interaction is to guarantee a constant quality and high end result achieving a perfect footprint balance between the botanicals.

Our universal Gin is designed to make you taste not only the Juniper but all 11 botanicals. 

The added value of CAPJARI gin is precisely its innovative balance, making it one of the first examples of Universal Gin. No additives or sugars are added. Only natural ingredients, sustainable and mindful distilling practices and an amazing taste for any journey. 




Iris Root ( Gaggiolo) 





Long Java pepper

Lemon zest

Orange zest


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